GXFS Connect 2022: Programme now online

  • On 7 and 8 September 2022, some of the leading minds behind Gaia-X will meet in Berlin for GXFS Connect 2022
  • First implementation phase of Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS) nearing completion
  • Gaia-X use cases from Industry 4.0, mobility or health will be presented

Leading minds behind Gaia-X will discuss which innovations and reference implementations are now possible and how Gaia-X will promote digital innovation and sovereignty on 7 and 8 September 2022 in Berlin. eco – Association of the Internet Industry and the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection have invited participants to GXFS Connect 2022 (a German-language event). Experts and decision-makers, such as Parliamentary State Secretary Dr Franziska Brantner, will share their knowledge and past experiences in presentations and panel discussions and provide exclusive insights.

The programme has now been published. In an exchange with the Gaia-X DE-HUB domains, participants will learn what user requirements exist and which use cases are being implemented, including in the areas of Industry 4.0, mobility or health. “With Gaia-X, we are getting closer to our goal of creating an open, secure and trustworthy data infrastructure for everyone,” says Andreas Weiss, Head of Digital Business Models at eco – Association of the Internet Industry and GXFS-DE project manager. “With Gaia-X, Europe will better master the digital challenges facing the economy and civil society and strengthen its digital sovereignty,” Weiss continues. This is to be made possible by open and secure data spaces as well as new digital business models that allow data to be shared in a controlled manner.

Open, secure and trustworthy data infrastructure for all

In October 2019, the then German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) Peter Altmaier announced at the Digital Summit that Gaia-X would create a high-performance, competitive, secure and trustworthy data infrastructure for Europe. Almost three years later, the first implementation phase of the Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS) is nearing completion. These services enable data to be shared between organisations in a trusted and controlled way. They thus form the basis for Gaia-X. The minimum technical requirements for the operation of the Gaia-X ecosystem are expected to be met before the end of this year.

At GXFS Connect 2022 in Berlin, around 40 experts, opinion leaders and decision-makers will join around 300 participants on the podium to discuss how Gaia-X will create added value for European industry and the economy. They will discuss the future of an open, secure and trustworthy data infrastructure for everyone – from small and medium-sized enterprises to start-ups and large corporations. Exclusive insights into the matter will be provided by, among others:

  • Ernst Stöckl-Pukall, German Federal Ministry for the Economy and Climate Protection
  • Iris Plöger, Federation of German Industries
  • Oliver SĂĽme, Fieldfisher
  • Harald A. Summa, DE-CIX
  • Alexander Rabe, eco Association
  • Roland Fadrany, Gaia-X AISBL
  • Susanne Dehmel, Bitkom
  • Prof. Jens Böcker, Böcker Ziemen Customer Insight Consultants
  • Thomas Niessen, Trusted Cloud

and many more.


Here is an overview of the two conference days (all events will be in German):


7 September, 13:15 – 22:00 CET

  • Digital Infrastructures and Services
  • Governance of federations and legal aspects
  • Sustainability and Resilience
  • Innovation
  • Around Gaia-X Pitch Sessions
  • Networking Event hosted by eco

    8 September, 09:15 – 16:30 CET

  • Political Keynote by Parliamentary State Secretary Dr. Franziska Brantner
  • The importance of digital sovereignty for German industry
  • Digitalisation and Industry 4.0
  • Gaia-X Federation Services
  • GXFS Toolbox
  • GXFS SSI and Notary Services
  • Presentation of study results on GXFS implementation strategies
  • Experiences from Gaia-X funded projects
  • GXFS self-descriptions, onboarding and data exchange
  • Exchange with the Gaia-X Hub DE domain on GXFS today and future requirements


The detailed programme is now online at www.gxfs.eu/de/gxfs-connect-2022/programm

You can watch the event teaser here: www.gxfs.eu/videos/#Teaser

GXFS Connect 2022: Programme now online