European Data Privacy Day: eco Demands Unified Data Protection Regulations for Europe

On the occasion of the 9th European Data Privacy Day, eco Director of Policy and Law, Oliver Süme, calls on the German Federal Government to actively drive forward the tripartite negotiation on the European General Data Protection Regulation:

“Europe needs – at long last – common, harmonized data protection law for the entire area of data processing”, says Süme, which would be in the interest not only of the users but also of businesses. “For the user, Europe-wide unified data protection regulations are an important prerequisite for rebuilding the trust in the Internet, which was shattered by the surveillance scandal. Companies gain legal certainty through the unification of standards, and will be able to save considerable time and financial resources which are currently required for adapting to the differing data protection standards of the member states.  The focus should be on a balance of interests between civil liberty and commercial data processing.” In contrast to the prevailing variations in national regulations, a common, harmonized level of European data protection could provide a locational advantage for Europe in competing for future markets, Süme says.