EuroCloud Native Member Interview: OGiTiX Software

Why did you become a member of EuroCloud Native? How should the initiative ideally support you?

An interview with Ingo Buck, CEO and Chair at OGiTiX Software

As platform-agnostic software specialists, EuroCloud-Native offers us a competent network of like-minded people as well as a variety of exciting formats for a trustful exchange.
In particular, we fully support the idea of cooperation that has been demonstrably cultivated here, both among members, but also with regard to non-cloud native, established market competitors with a view to the digitalisation of the German SMEs as a common denominator.

How are you involved in the cloud initiative?

Our goal is to integrate know-how transfer on the cloud native market via the initiative, to incorporate our many years of experience in the field of identity & access management into the cloud native initiative and to present the advantages of a modular IAM system, especially in connection with cloud migrations, but also in multi-cloud scenarios.

What makes your company a cloud native company?

Although we started 14 years ago, we operate as a company that is completely asset-light, integrating the latest microservices and offering the basis for the secure and automated use of cloud native services from all relevant providers with our cloud-agnostic lowcode platform.

Why does Germany need a cloud initiative like the ECN?

We are absolutely convinced that a new type of provider segment has successfully developed in the extremely dynamic cloud and software market in recent years with the cloud native service providers. The ECN offers these successful players an appropriate platform for a trusting exchange, promotes know-how in different subject areas through exciting formats and sustainably supports the visibility of our community of interest in the German market environment.

EuroCloud Native Members Interview: OGiTiX Software 1