EuroCloud Native-Alliance Partner Interview: Google Germany

An interview with Henning von Kielpinski, Cloud Onboarding Lead EMEA/JAPAC at Google Germany


Why do you support EuroCloud Native (ECN) as an Alliance Partner?

Google Cloud supports EuroCloud Native in order to promote the exchange of partnerships between all of those active in the cloud native environment, regardless of their size and their date of foundation.

How have you specialised and positioned yourselves as providers for the cloud native market?

To better address the specific needs of cloud natives, we have dedicated teams that specialise in this segment with its partners and customers. In addition, we support startups with our Google for Startups programme.

What do you bring to the initiative for ECN members?

Our know-how, a short path to the right contacts at Google and a lot of enthusiasm to drive the digital transformation forward.

Why does Germany need a cloud initiative like the ECN?

The large, established companies in Germany receive a lot of attention from industry and politics related to digitalisation. In this context, the smaller, agile companies play a very important role in reaching the SMEs in Germany across the board. The cloud natives have a key role to play here, which is made more visible by the ECN.


Henning Kielpinski