“Email Marketing Is and Will Continue to Be Very Important for Successful Marketing”

At the annual CSA Summit, the international email marketing industry meets to exchange current insights and experiences and discuss future innovations. This year, a special venue has been hand-picked in Frankfurt. In interview, Director of the CSA Julia Janssen-Holldiek reveals how this came about and what awaits visitors to the Summit.

Ms. Janssen-Holldiek, the CSA Summit is leaving the cathedral city of Cologne in 2018 and will be held for the first time in Frankfurt. How did this come about?

It’s no secret that we in Cologne are entranced with our hometown. However, Frankfurt is particularly attractive for our international participants due to its good connections. In addition, in the “Aircraft”, we have landed upon a unique and exceptional location. The trip will be worth your while!

How are the three days of the event structured?

On Wednesday 18  April, participants who are new to the Summit can learn about the CSA at a workshop at the DE-CIX Meeting Center. This will provide the grounding required for full immersion in the specialist topics of the following two days. Running in parallel, certified senders and partners will also be offered the space to exchange information on current challenges and topics in a relaxed atmosphere.

April 19 is the main event day in the Dreieich Aircraft. Here the participants can look forward to top-class international speakers and great networking opportunities, all offered in unique surroundings.

On 20 April, there will be further workshops at the DE-CIX Meeting Center, where experts will bring participants up to speed on the latest legal and technical topics. Here, too, interaction will be the order of the day.

An important topic, and one which is currently on everyone’s lips, is that of the GDPR. What can participants expect on this subject?

The topic is shaking up the email marketing industry, which is why it will also be in the limelight at the event. On 19 April, a panel will be held which will explore the topic throughout the entire value chain of emailing and will consider the use cases of a brand, an email service provider, an Internet service provider, and a spam filter provider. These will be evaluated by a legal expert, with whom “speed dating” will afterwards take place.

In the legal workshop on 20 April, there will also be the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information and to ask questions.

Despite the increased legal requirements, the event really creates an appetite for using email marketing, doesn’t it?

The increased legal requirements must be viewed in a differentiated manner. For those who have taken care of data protection, not much will change. Email marketing is and will continue to be important for successful marketing, and new technologies ensure that innovations in this area can happen. Which is why we’re also offering a lecture and workshop on this topic.

What are you personally looking forward to the most?

I’m looking forward to seeing both familiar and new faces! Based on past experience, the event will be teeming with people who care about email and improving quality… and that’s simply a great vibe!

The CSA Summit 2018 will take place from 18 to 20 April in Frankfurt.

Julia Janssen-Holldiek
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