eco’s Stance on the Regulation of Digital Platforms

In a newly published position paper on the Regulation of Digital Platforms, eco highlights the central importance of balanced competitive conditions: In order to promote the further development of digital platforms in Europe and Germany, attractive and competitive conditions are what is necessary. A future-proof resilient legal framework should ensure long-term planning security to enable both investments and innovations, should take due account of the characteristics of the market and its players, and should ultimately ensure protection against possible abuse of market power.

eco – Association of the Internet Industry has identified the following fields of action with regard to the regulation of digital platforms and business models:

  • Completing the European (Digital) Single Market
  • Steering clear of just one generic competition regulation for the range of different digital platforms
  • Data protection with potential for digital business models
  • Enabling innovative cooperation on the basis of competition law
  • Lowering bureaucratic hurdles and facilitating access to venture capital
eco’s Stance on the Regulation of Digital Platforms