eco Publishes Best Practices for Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective and cost-efficient marketing methods. In a survey by the German association BVDW, 84% of all respondents said they use email for online orders (more information on this survey is available from the BVDW’s email focus group). It is so easy nowadays for SMEs without large resources or budgets to set up an email marketing campaign to inform customers and prospects about current products, goods or services.

Yet, it is not quite as simple as that. In order for the advertising messages to reach the recipient, it is not enough to “just get started”. Not every email that is sent ends up in the sender’s inbox. Some emails are rejected directly by the receiving mail server, others are delivered to the “‘junk’ or ‘spam’ folder”. This guide explains how to set up your email marketing with simple measures so that the emails really reach the recipient.

Florian Vierke (mapp), Marius Bauer (Salesforce) and Mathias Ullrich (Adobe) are the authors of the new edition of “Best Practices for Email Marketing” by the eco’s E-Mail Competence Group.

Florian, Marius and Mathias have all been working as email deliverability experts on the side of technical mailing service providers for over 12 years. They see association work as an integral part of their mission to help senders evolve their email communication strategies. Their common desire for (really) everyone to be able to send better emails is reflected in this guide.

You can find the download at https://go.eco.de/N1IUVCG


eco Publishes Best Practices for Email Marketing 1