eco Alliance Urges that Data Centers in Germany be Relieved of the EEG Levy

Online games, streaming services and digital tools for home office and home schooling are causing the data volume to grow and grow. But the networks are holding their own – thanks to high-performance digital infrastructures. And yet the data center operators in Germany are at a distinct competitive disadvantage: In some instances, electricity costs in Germany are four times higher than in other European countries, such as Sweden.

The Alliance for the Strengthening of Digital Infrastructures in Germany now wants to have this finally changed: The initiative, founded under eco’s umbrella, calls for the EEG levy for data centers to be lifted, thereby relieving them of this burden. It is true that the German government’s climate protection program provides for a gradual reduction of the EEG levy for consumers until 2023. However, the amounts involved are so small that this would barely constitute any real relief for the operators. In addition, the EEG relief is to be seen more as a trade-off for the CO2 levy which will apply from 2021.

In order to remain internationally competitive, the Alliance therefore advocates for a moderate reduction of levies, charges, and taxes for data centers. Since 2018, the initiative has set itself the goal of sustainably strengthening digital infrastructures and addressing the challenges which the industry is facing in their dealings with politicians.

eco Alliance Urges that Data Centers in Germany be Relieved of the EEG Levy

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