DCES: 3 Questions for Sandra Warg, envia TEL GmbH

Sandra Warg from envia TEL GmbH provides tips for resilient and redundant digital infrastructures. She will be speaking at the Data Center Expert Summit (DCES) on 3-4 June 2024, at the Alte Schlosserei in Offenbach.

Ms Warg, how important is the topic of site networking for SMEs today?

The topic is more important than ever if SMEs want to communicate efficiently, exchange data and collaborate in real-time. Networking allows resources to be centralised. This can save costs, optimise supply chains and drive innovation.

How can geo-redundant data centres help to maximise the reliability of IT services?

It is no coincidence that the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has published the guideline “Criteria for the selection of locations for highly available and geo-redundant data centres”, in which failure scenarios such as the Elbe flood of the century in 2013 or a fire disaster at a web host in 2021 are cited. Ideally, geo-redundant data centres are operated completely independently of each other, so that an incident at one location does not affect the other location in any way, ensuring uninterrupted provision of the required services.

What is particularly important when planning resilient and redundant infrastructures?

In my opinion, a holistic approach is extremely important right from the planning phase. Risk analysis, redundancy concepts, geographical differences, monitoring, scalability, flexibility and security are just some of the topics that need to be carefully considered in conjunction with others. Stable structures can only be created if all requirements are known and taken into account.

Ms Warg, thank you very much for the interview!

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DCES: 3 Questions for Sandra Warg, envia TEL GmbH