Award for Innovative Domain Services

In the category “Domains”, companies are awarded with the eco://award for outstanding innovative business models or services relating to TLDs. Lars Steffen, Director of eco International and Project Manager for Names & Numbers, supervises the award category “Domains” and in this interview provides further information.

Mr. Steffen, you supervise the award category “Domains: Your digital identity”. What exactly is behind the category?

In the category “Domains”, we would like to address all companies in the domain industry in which domains or top-level domains (TLDs) are a central element of their business model or service. But we don’t want to exclude anyone who, for example, may not meet these two requirements, but has achieved something remarkable that the whole industry benefits from.

Who should apply for this category? Which solutions or services are suitable for this category?

Participation is open to companies that focus on domains, top-level domains, or associated services, such as registries, registry backend operators, registrars, resellers, consultants, or enablers in the domain industry, or are active in the secondary market.

What does it take to win?

It goes without saying that we would like to honor new, innovative, and unprecedented solutions, products and services in which domains play a central role. However, remarkable services that benefit the entire market, as well as outstanding concepts for the marketing of domains are also welcome. With the eco://award, we not only want to honor the best contender, but also to promote the industry as a whole.


You can find all the information you need on this website, including the application requirements, the respective evaluation criteria, the application form, and the conditions of participation.

Award for Innovative Domain Services