5 Questions for Thorsten Trapp, from Tyntec

eco member Tyntec lives networking and brings mobile user know-how into the eco ecosystem. Thorsten Trapp talks about open interfaces and APIs in an interview.

  1. Mr Trapp, could you give us a brief introduction to your company, TynTec?

tyntec is an international telecommunications company that enables businesses to communicate with their customers and employees directly via cloud solutions and APIs. tyntec is currently one of only a few companies worldwide that has access to the official WhatsApp Business API and thus offers verified business accounts on WhatsApp. The company is based in London and has offices in Munich, Dortmund, Singapore, Athens, Serbia and Dallas and employs around 150 people. tyntec serves over 1,000 clients worldwide, including the major social networks and many TOP Fortune 500 companies.

  1. Which digitalisation topics are particularly important to you?

tyntec is the right contact, especially when it comes to mobile-first. As the use of mobile devices or desktop access is decreasing, the goal is to use mobile phones not only as a communication channel, but also for user verification to ensure smooth processes. Furthermore, as a Communication-Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS), tyntec is a proponent of open interfaces and a pioneer in APIs.

  1. What are the special challenges of your industry at the moment and how are you working on them?

Historically grown IT landscapes and isolated solutions for individual areas are legitimate from a company’s point of view, but they do not work when it comes to guaranteeing a smooth customer journey. This is where tyntec comes in with intelligent APIs and software solutions that can be flexibly integrated into the respective IT architecture of the company. In terms of innovation, the topic of authentication in a new form that works independently of TAN entries with mobile data is one of the big items on our agenda.

  1. How do you expect your membership in the eco Association to support you in this regard?

Networking, at the heart of a platform, has to be lived. Through our membership in eco, we would like to contribute our mobile user know-how and to be able to expand the ecosystem with this important aspect. One of tyntec’s key unique selling points is data security, which has a high priority at eco. We would like to be involved there to do our part in moving the Internet industry forward.

  1. What opportunities does digitalisation offer us in the future?

Digitalisation offers the opportunity to catch up with other nations, especially in Europe. The focus is still strongly on industry in Germany and the digital sphere has been neglected for a long time. The focus has to be shifted significantly in the next few years if Europe does not want to lose touch.

As Serial Entrepreneur, since co-founding tyntec, Thorsten Trapp has developed and promoted innovations to continuously improve the company’s products and services. He is the brains and inventor behind tyntec’s dynamic SS7 platform, the Mobile Number Portability System, and also the holder of over 12 patents.

5 Questions for Thorsten Trapp, from Tyntec