5 Questions for Sandro Malessa, LWL-Sachsenkabel

Digitalisation offers numerous opportunities to improve our quality of life. Sandro Malessa talks about how LWL-Sachsenkabel is committed to sustainability and energy efficiency in an interview with the eco Association.

Would you please give us a brief introduction to your company, LWL-Sachsenkabel?
Since its foundation in 1991, LWL-Sachsenkabel GmbH has stood for the development, manufacture and distribution of innovative and reliable fibre optic cabling. In doing so, Sachsenkabel combines well-founded fibre optic expertise with customer-oriented products and smart services. Sachsenkabel thus creates future-oriented cabling systems for telecommunications, FTTx, data centres, 5G, broadcast and special fibres/sensors and industry.

Which digitalisation topics are particularly important to you?
There are numerous digitalisation topics that are currently important and of great interest to companies and society. A large number of developments such as AI, IoT, Industry 4.0, Big Data and cloud computing are interrelated and complementary in some way. All these areas are of great interest, not only for companies but also for society. I look forward to these future developments.

What are the special challenges of your industry at the moment and how are you working on them?
The energy transition is currently one of the central topics of our market. Especially data centre operators are facing great challenges with regard to the German Energy Efficiency Act. But the issue of sustainability is also becoming increasingly important. As a manufacturer, we would also like to make our contribution here, whether through the use of recycled packaging or our own electric vehicles. Regional sourcing could certainly save even more CO2 in our industry, but the big question here is whether the customer is also prepared to bear these additional costs.

How do you expect your membership in the eco Association to support you in this regard?
Through our membership in the eco Association, we expect a lively exchange with other manufacturers and data centre operators on the topic of sustainability and the many other  digitalisation trends, so that we can also evaluate new ideas and adapt them for ourselves.

What opportunities does digitalisation offer us in the future?
As shown above, digitalisation is extremely versatile and offers us numerous opportunities to improve our quality of life. From a societal point of view, we are talking, for example, about optimising our education systems, health care or even our environmental balance or sustainability. Digitalisation gives companies the option of new business models, more sustainable processes, increased efficiency or even improved customer interaction. The possibilities of digitalisation seem almost endless.


Sandro Malessa, Dipl. Wirtsch.-Ing. is Key Account Manager in the Data Centres Team at LWL-Sachsenkabel GmbH. His areas of responsibility include the strategic and operational development of the data centre business field.


5 Questions for Sandro Malessa, LWL-Sachsenkabel