5 Questions for Nicol Nógrádi,

Efficient digital infrastructures are critical when it comes to sustainable growth, says Nicol Nógrádi, Founders Associate at

Could you give us a brief introduction to offers network and security services based on its own international backbone (AS5405). With 50+ Points of Presences (PoPs) on every continent by the end of 2022, will offer a global footprint, unmatched connectivity, and the highest quality for its customers. Our mission is to provide better, more sustainable, and more automated connectivity to the internet, compared to what is currently available on the market.

Which digitalisation topics are particularly important to you?
As puts a strong emphasis on sustainability, we strongly care about climate-friendly digitalisation. We consider the use of energy-saving technologies and the creation of efficient digital infrastructures crucial when it comes to sustainable growth. In addition, as we are a “remote first” company, efficient processes, work-life balance and sustained participation of our employees is very important for us.

What are the special challenges in your industry now and how are you working on them?
The industry faces challenges when it comes to fast, sustainable and impactful transformation, as a lot of processes are still done manually, rely on old technologies and tools, or are embedded in old structures that are hard to disrupt. tries to come over these hurdles by focusing on automating processes, having an API-first-mentality and assembling a small agile team that can quickly adapt and react to new challenges.

How do you expect your membership in the eco Association to support you in this? is honored to be a member of the eco Association and to contribute to an inspiring community. We are looking forward to exchanging ideas with industry experts, visionaries and innovators who are also eager to shape the industry. We hope to be part of thought-provoking discussions with community members and are looking forward to meeting potential partners who share our vision.

What opportunities does digitalisation offer us in the future?
Digitalisation offers many opportunities for the future. Amongst others, we believe that digitalisation can enable creative and innovative collaborations, increase the importance of sustainable solutions and also help to democratise technology. It also provides an opportunity to increase and improve information flow and education, will increase the importance of security, and shape existing company structures. Digitalisation is also the enabler of exponential transformation across many industries.

Nicol Nógrádi, Founder Associate at, holds a Bsc in Social Sciences and an Msc in Strategy and Digital Business. Although still relatively new to the network industry, Ms. Nógrádi previously gained initial industry knowledge at Deutsche Telekom in product management and worked in business analysis at the US tech company Amazon.

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