5 Questions for Nadja Müller & Saravanan Sundaram, 

Ms Müller, Mr Sundaram, could you please give us a brief introduction to your company, Felix1?
Felix1 offers tax advice for entrepreneurs and private individuals – either online or if desired, 100 per cent digitally. Felix1 has set itself the goal of being the simplest tax consultancy in Germany. From invoicing and bookkeeping to tax returns, entrepreneurs can do everything online. fynax is the ETL Group’s digital brand for tax consulting and financial accounting in e-commerce. fynax is aimed at online traders who operate both nationally and internationally. 

Which digitalisation topics are particularly important to you?
This includes data retrieval via interface systems to quickly and securely guarantee proper financial accounting. The work is largely automated by using interface systems. This requires digitalisation solutions and standardised programming interfaces for processing data in tax consultancy. 

What are the special challenges of your industry at the moment and how are you working on them?
We are willing to make cooperation and communication between entrepreneurs and law firms as easy as possible. Our challenge at the moment is still to link the different data streams in such a way that communication between clients and the law firm is fluent and effortless. 

How do you expect your membership in the eco Association to support you in this regard?
We would like to strengthen the exchange with digital leaders in financial accounting and create a network that we use as a common platform. We are intended to be successful together with this leverage for economic success in e-commerce. 

What opportunities does digitalisation offer us in the future?
It offers us the chance to work efficiently and in a data-safe manner. Digitalisation is a promoter and at the same time an opportunity for innovation. It encompasses all processes in the company; ultimately, this needs to be controlled, as people remain at the centre. In tax consultancy, digitalisation means that the tax advisor must have process knowledge and be highly specialised, especially in times of crisis, in order to keep the economic plan in view and think ahead digitally. 

Ms Müller, Mr Sundaram, thank you very much for the interview! 


Kurzvita Nadja Müller, Tax Consultant and fynax Head/ Head of E-Commerce
Nadja Müller is a tax consultant and Head of E-Commerce at fynax. After taking various positions at large auditing and tax consulting companies, she joined Home24 which is an online furniture retailer. There she first came into contact with the topic of e-commerce and online trade and spent several years intensively dealing with the tax law issues surrounding online trade. Since then, the topic has not let her go. In addition to her own legal company and her role at fynax, she also works as a lecturer for the NWB publishing house and trains interested tax advisors and specialists in the area of e-commerce and its special particularities. In cooperation with her colleague Saravanan Sundaram, she is responsible for the specialised tax consultancy for online traders in the ETL Group and is co-host of the fynax podcast “Thanks for Shopping” (prod. by Podstars by OMR). 

Kurzvita Saravanan Sundaram, Head of fynax/ Director Marketing & E-Commerce
Saravanan Sundaram is Director of Marketing and E-Commerce at fynax. It has its origins in the retail industry. After many years with a well-known fashion label, he immersed himself in the Berlin startup scene. He started working at Germany’s largest tax consulting group, ETL Group, after holding several positions at GROUPON, Quandoo, and Lemoncat. Together with his colleague Nadja Müller, he is responsible for the area of tax consultancy in e-commerce, and thus fynax. On the side, they both also manage the podcast “Thanks for Shopping” (prod. Von Podstars by OMR). Saravanan is a local politician in Berlin and a values ambassador for GermanDream, as well. 


5 Questions for Nadja Müller & Saravanan Sundaram, 

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