5 Questions for Michael Diestelberg, Mapp Digital Germany GmbH

Michael Diestelberg is VP Product & Marketing at eco member company Mapp. In an interview with the eco Association, he talks about how digital transformation can improve cross-channel campaign management.

Mr Diestelberg, could you give us a brief introduction to your company, Mapp?

Mapp helps marketing teams make customer communications relevant and, therefore, more successful. Our Mapp Cloud software solution takes a data-driven approach to this, enabling deep customer understanding about the digital world that can be used across all communication channels to personalise the content delivered. For this purpose, we combine a Customer Data Platform (CDP), an analytics module as well as communication channels such as email, SMS, etc., under one interface. We have German roots with offices in Berlin and Munich but are now also active in large parts of Europe and the USA.

Which digitalisation topics are particularly important to you?

We support companies in their digital transformation or in driving digitalisation forward. Here we stand for insight-based customer experiences, i.e., individual customer experiences that are based on a profound understanding of the customer. We recommend replacing traditional campaign approaches with decisions based on data-driven insights. We seamlessly integrate customer understanding and personalised marketing, Instead of the traditional sequence of data collection, marketing measures and analyses. Here, everything revolves around robust findings, with which our customers achieve significantly better results. This applies both to the customer experience on the company’s own websites and for measures in the various marketing channels.

Forrester analysts have just confirmed that we are on the right track. For example, we were selected as a ‘Strong Performer’ for our cross-channel campaign management, achieving the top rating in 13 categories.

What are the special challenges of your industry now and how are you working on them?

Marketing budgets have become smaller across industries. Therefore, efficacy and cost efficiency are more important than ever. Companies are well advised to target their strategies and rely on data-driven approaches. I see companies that avoid wastage through marketing analytics and implement a data-driven cross-channel strategy as winners.

Another aspect is the proliferation of digital marketing offerings in a wide variety of niches. As an alternative, we offer an open marketing platform at a competitive price and without the risk of lock-in effects. Our customers benefit from a high level of compatibility with the existing software stack, so that data can be exchanged in all directions and kept in sync.

How do you expect your membership in the eco Association to support you in this regard?

The eco Association offers a first-class platform for networking and further development of industry topics. Our expectations lie on the exchange with other market participants and marketing providers outside of the rut of daily business. We plan to actively participate in the Competence Groups and events with our experts.

What opportunities does digitalisation offer us in the future?

With the pandemic, many companies have digitalised their business models faster than planned, and some have even completely realigned themselves. Digital processes are not only economically more efficient for these companies but also ecologically. There are new opportunities to take on more societal responsibility through sustainable industry practices. This leads to a long-term strengthening of the brand, but also to better opportunities in the competition for skilled workers.

Mr Diestelberg, thank you very much for the interview!

Michael Diestelberg is VP Product & Marketing at technology company Mapp. After studying Computer Science at Merseburg University, he worked as an editor at the IT news portal before joining the digital agency Aperto as a web analytics consultant in 2012. Diestelberg joined Webtrekk in 2013 and has held the position of Vice President Product & Marketing since 2018, meanwhile, through the acquisition of Webtrekk, also for the digital marketing platform Mapp. He supports consumer brands and e-commerce providers in the realisation of individual, cross-channel marketing campaigns.

5 Questions for Michael Diestelberg, Mapp Digital Germany GmbH