5 Questions for Jens Leuchters, NewTelco GmbH

  1. Mr Leuchters, could you give us a brief introduction to your company, New Telco?

We are a carrier and data centre neutral infrastructure provider. We have around 70 staff at our headquarters in Frankfurt. and at other locations. We offer the provision of colocation space across Europe as well as our own data centres and smaller hubs. In addition, our network offering includes physical and logical interconnection services and layer 1 to 3 services – from transmission and server technology as a service to on-site support. Our customers are mainly international carriers, but also small and medium-sized enterprises that require individual solutions.

  1. Which digitalisation topics are particularly important to you?

We are known as the “Interconnection Company” at the KleyerstraĂźe/RebstöckerstraĂźe location in Frankfurt. We are actively working on the digitalisation of cross connects, i.e. point-to-point connections between two customers, for smaller bandwidths up to 10G. As a neutral provider, we not only enable our customers to logically interconnect via our NCEX (Neutral Carrier Ethernet Exchange) platform, but to any other Ethernet Exchange, IX, Cloud Connect, CaaS, VoIP/SIP provider connected on the platform, regardless of the data centre operator.

  1. What are the special challenges of your industry at the moment and how do you work on them?

Definitely, digitalisation as a whole is challenging. The larger the provider’s service offering, the greater the challenges. The last 12 months have shown what is possible and how quickly digitalisation can be implemented. However, we are also still struggling to overcome the restrictions due to undersupply of digital infrastructure. Keyword: home office or mobile working. In addition, many digital offerings that make remote working possible in the first place contravene the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). I see big problems ahead for many companies.

In addition to the already mentioned digitalisation of the physical Cross Connects, we have just started to realise a new data centre in the Rhine-Main region. In this way, we can bring fast Internet from our data centre via local infrastructure partners to the companies. Digitalisation and cloud solutions are available to them via local IT & IT system house partners. This is our contribution to an end-to-end IT value chain “Made in German” that is guaranteed to comply with the GDPR.

  1. How do you expect your membership in the eco Association to support you in this regard?

Of course, it offers us better visibility first and foremost. In addition, there are many opportunities for us to actively participate in various working groups at eco.

  1. What opportunities does digitalisation offer us in the future?

There is no alternative to digitalisation. Our opportunity is to initiate and shape digitalisation in a way that it sustainably solves problems that we created for ourselves in the time before digitalisation. This calls for a strategic approach rather than blind actionism. Sustainable structural change is a long process in many small steps.

As Managing Director of NewTelco GmbH, Jens Leuchters is responsible for its entire range of carrier-neutral solutions and managed services – both wholesale and for enterprises, as well as hosting and network solutions. The expert in ICT infrastructures has held various positions in the industry since 1993, for example in companies such as NTT Europe, Interoute, Completel, RSLCom and BT.




5 Questions for Jens Leuchters, NewTelco GmbH