5 Questions for Daniel Schmitz, GOLDBECK

How can sustainable construction methods and the resource-saving and fail-safe operation of data centres be supported? Daniel Schmitz, Team Leader Data Centre at GOLDBECK Südwest GmbH, talks about this in an eco member interview.

Mr Schmitz, could you please give us a brief introduction to your company, GOLDBECK?

Forward-looking properties, design, construction and service – that’s what our “Building Excellence” claim stands for. We build systematically and create exactly the buildings our customers need. GOLDBECK data centres combine user-specific requirements for flexibility, energy efficiency and security.

Which digitalisation issues are particularly important to you?

Data centres play a key role in the digital transformation of the economy and society, which increases the need for central, reliable computing power in protected buildings. Sustainable construction and resource-saving, fail-safe operation are crucial here. Topics relating to energy efficiency in the data centre sector are particularly important to us.

What are the particular challenges in your industry at the moment and how are you working on them?

We are currently caught between sustainable, energy-efficient construction methods and increased construction costs, which are making it more difficult to realise our sustainability goals. Accordingly, we are currently developing a GOLDBECK Data Centre construction system that reconciles the aspects of “flexibility”, “security” and “sustainability” with low investment and operating costs.

How do you expect your membership of the eco Association to support you?

We would like to be involved in the digital transformation and play a key role in the sustainable, energy-efficient construction of data centres in particular. In order to be successful here, we would like to network with one of the leading associations in this field and contribute to suitable issues in terms of content as well as benefit from the external impact.

What opportunities will digitalisation offer us in the future?

Digitalisation will have a profound impact on our lives in both our private and professional lives in the long term. In my view, digitalisation must serve to simplify the current and future demands on society and the economy while taking data protection concerns into account.

Mr Schmitz, thank you very much for the interview!

Dr Daniel Schmitz, Team Leader Data Centre Construction at GOLDBECK Südwest GmbH:

  •     2004 to 2010: Studied to become a graduate industrial engineer specialising in construction at the Technical University of Darmstadt
  •     2011 to 2017: Doctorate (Dr.-Ing.) at the Institute for Construction Management at the Technical University of Darmstadt
  •     2017: Construction management, GOLDBECK Südwest GmbH
  •     2018: Sales engineer, GOLDBECK Südwest GmbH
  •     2019: Project management, GOLDBECK Südwest GmbH
  •     2020 to 2022: Sales engineer, GOLDBECK Südwest GmbH
  •     Since 04.2022: Team Leader Data Centre, GOLDBECK Südwest GmbH
5 Questions for Daniel Schmitz, GOLDBECK

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