5 Questions for Andreas Kupper, Kupper IT

Digitalisation offers the opportunity to make business processes more efficient. In an eco-member interview, Andreas Kupper reports on how Kupper IT harnesses this potential to enhance the value chain.

Could you please give us a brief introduction to your company, Kupper IT?
Kupper IT is an IT company with 30 years of market expertise providing high-quality solutions in cloud computing, IT infrastructure, security, software development and digitalisation, along with our own data centre services. With two datacenter locations and years of experience as an infrastructure and cloud service provider, we are an excellent service partner for hybrid IT solutions and managed services. KUPPER IT is a part of the Kupper Group, based in central Germany and employing a total of 100 people across five locations.

Which digitalisation topics are particularly important to you?
Business processes! Our goal is to enhance our customers’ business processes efficiency through digitalisation solutions, unlocking new potential for their value chain. To achieve this, we develop customised software or leverage proven products, integrating them with specially developed interfaces to create holistic solutions and processes.

What are the special challenges of your industry at the moment and how are you working on them?
The challenges in our industry are extremely diverse. On the one hand, we are concerned with the lack of resources, especially supply chain difficulties and a shortage of skilled workers. On the other hand, I perceive artificial intelligence as a significant technical evolution. Here, it becomes crucial for us to ethically, technically and economically assess how we use AI, ensuring that we carry our employees and, most importantly, our customers along. Furthermore, we must seize the opportunities available to us to build up our expertise, evaluating it from methodological and technical aspects, and integrating it into digitalisation solutions and our daily work.

How do you expect your membership in the eco Association to support you in this regard?
Through the extensive network of the eco Association, we aim for an optimised and enhanced exchange of experience with the IT and Internet community. The approach allows us to stay closely connected with new developments in products, services and the overall market and to effectively address the challenges of digitalisation. We seek to expand our network of solution partners, as this is how we find answers for the future tasks.

What opportunities does digitalisation offer us in the future?
Digitalisation offers us a multitude of opportunities, particularly in the areas of increased efficiency, communication and the development of new business models. Digitalisation holds innovations and opportunities to act in a sustainable and resource-saving manner while simultaneously creating knowledge and value.

Andreas Kupper (55) has been working in IT for 30 years. The graduate engineer in technical cybernetics now manages the business of the Kupper Group of Companies, as well as that of KUPPER IT GmbH.

5 Questions for Andreas Kupper, Kupper IT