3 Questions for Rafael Laguna de la Vera

With his keynote address Rafael Laguna de la Vera will open the eco://kongress on 21 November in Cologne. In interview, the Founding Director of the Agentur für Sprunginnovation (“Agency for Leading Edge Innovation”) established by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy,  reveals how best to face the changes brought about by digitalization.

Mr. Laguna de la Vera, how best can we meet the challenges of digitalization?
If you want to predict the future, you need to create the future. The best way to face change is to take part in it. Digitalization is changing everything. We now need to ask ourselves: “What should this new world look like?” The course is being set as we speak.

What role do innovations “made in Germany” play in this?
There is no lack of good ideas and clever minds in Germany. I am convinced that there is an enormous potential here for disruptive innovations, which we want to shed light on in the Agentur für Sprunginnovationen.

What distinguishes this agency?
We are not pimped for profit maximization, but want to open new technology fields and markets – always with the proviso that the value creation is to take place in Germany and Europe as a whole, with the purpose of improving the economy and thus the life of every individual.

Thank you for the interview.

3 Questions for Rafael Laguna de la Vera