3 Questions for Albert Peci, deltaDAO

How will data spaces enable the mobility of the future? Albert Peci, Co-Founder and Web3 Lead of deltaDAO GmbH, talks about this in a short eco interview. He is one of the Counsellors at the German-language meeting of the Competence Group Mobility on 12 December in Berlin.

Why does the mobility of the future need sovereign data spaces?
Sovereign data spaces are crucial for the future of mobility in order to guarantee secure, efficient and transparent data processing. They make it possible to use large amounts of mobility data with confidence while maintaining the privacy and ownership of the data. This is fundamental for innovative, customer-centred and sustainable mobility solutions.

What specific practical examples does this make possible?
With sovereign data spaces, we can implement advanced applications such as real-time traffic optimisation, personalised mobility services and improved fleet management. One example would be the use of real-time data to minimise traffic congestion and optimise route planning for public and private transport.

What requirements does this place on companies and politicians?
Companies need to invest in secure and scalable data infrastructures and agree on standards for data exchange and interoperability. Politicians should create a legal framework that regulates data sharing and protection in a balanced way and promotes innovation without compromising the security and privacy of users.

Thank you for the interview!

The Mobility Competence Group of the eco Association will be discussing collaborative data use as an essential building block of the mobility industry at German- language Google Germany on 12 December, register now.

3 Questions for Albert Peci, deltaDAO