The Nominees for the eco://award 2021

The nominated IT service offerings for cloud & hosting provide exceptional quality, security, interoperability and performance. With their innovative IT concepts, the nominees ensure the successful digitalisation of business processes - while maximising user-friendliness. Whether it's to do with stable and secure hosting offers for individual requirements or unique cloud services: all of these innovative solutions are highly impressive.

eco Award 2021: Nominierte

DRACOON – highly secure platform for Enterprise File Services


Secure and simple collaboration in the cloud! DRACOON offers a deeply integratable enterprise file transfer solution that is GDPR-compliant and provides its customers with a modern, highly secure platform for file services.
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eco Award 2021: Nominierte 1

pluscloud open

PlusServer GmbH

The pluscloud open is an open source cloud and is based entirely on the Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS). This is part of the Gaia-X European cloud project, which aims to bring about digital independence in Europe.
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eco Award 2021: Nominierte 2

MetaKube Accelerator – Managed Kubernetes with Quickstart Application Templates

SysEleven GmbH

With MetaKube Accelerator, companies can create cloud native software projects in no time, package them as containers, and confidently run them in certified GDPR-compliant data centres or in a cloud of their choice with the multi-cloud connector.
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These concepts and tools for data centres and infrastructures are looking far into the future: the nominated companies are helping to operate digital Internet infrastructures and data centres in an increasingly better way. They make data centres particularly energy and resource-efficient, redundant and resilient. They are also highly scalable, physically secure and particularly high performing. These solutions and services provide customers with market advantages and stand out with their innovative strength.

eco Award 2021: Nominierte 3

Bulk Data Centers’ Integrated International and Intra-Nordics Infrastructure Solutions

Bulk Infrastructure AS

Bulk Data Centers offer all key elements across the Nordics including highly connected, massive scale, renewable energy, and direct connection to the latest subsea cables.
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eco Award 2021: Nominierte 4

Colocation Data Centers in Norway

Green Mountain

Green Mountain designs, builds and operates highly secure, innovative, and sustainable colocation data centers in Norway, using 100% renewable power, and a DCIM-tool with thousands of sensors to monitor, optimize energy efficiency and giving 100% uptime since the start.
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eco Award 2021: Nominierte 5

Scaleway’s DC5


Scaleway's DC5 data center is the most sustainable in Europe. Thanks to its unique adiabatic cooling system, it doesn't need air conditioning, and so uses 40% less energy - and 90% less water - than standard data centers.

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They give cyber criminals no chance: the companies nominated for the eco://award IT security increase the cyber resilience of their customers with exceptional IT services and products. In doing so, they are always one step ahead of hackers and thus make a decisive contribution to the security of corporate networks, endpoints or internal processes and structures. In this manner, they provide significant support for the sustainable economic success of their customers.

eco Award 2021: Nominierte 9


G DATA CyberDefense AG

BEAST provides holistic protection against new and unknown malware, as the technology records all processes on the computer in a graph database and, based on this information, can also restore the original status as it stood before the infection.
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eco Award 2021: Nominierte 10

365 Total Protection


365 Total Protection is a comprehensive security & compliance solution for Microsoft 365, providing spam & virus filtering, protection against phishing and ransomware, email archiving, encryption, advanced threat protection, email continuity, signatures & disclaimers + backup.
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eco Award 2021: Nominierte 11

Spear Phishing Engine: Reality-based attack simulation

IT-Seal GmbH

The patented spear phishing engine is a unique technology to automatically simulate company, department and employee-specific phishing emails. Public data from social networks and other media is used for the phishing emails.
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These business concepts have the future in sight: the start-ups nominated for the eco://award offer exceptionally innovative digital services. They enable digital business models that deliver significant added value for the economy, the environment and society. The growth potential of these young companies is enormous.

eco Award 2021: Nominierte 12

Leroma B2B

Leroma GmbH

Leroma is a B2B online platform for foodstuff products that bridges the gap between foodstuff product suppliers and food producers, simplifying the procurement of foodstuff products and reducing the waste of resources at the beginning of the value chain.
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eco Award 2021: Nominierte 13

Decentralised charging platform for e-mobility

peaq Technology GmbH

Together with a large German automotive group, peaq has been working on a decentralised, neutral platform for e-mobility for 2 years. It uses blockchain technology to solve fragmentation, inefficiencies and interoperability problems in electric vehicle charging.
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eco Award 2021: Nominierte 14

WeAre Rooms

WeAre GmbH

WeAre's virtual reality conferencing system enables engineering teams to decentrally present their machines, plants and buildings in order to scale and collaborate on them in real time and in virtual reality - even before they are built.
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Sustainability is seen as an essential factor for the future and is also a driver of innovation and new technologies that enable conservation of resources in the long term. Nominees are companies from the digital and Internet industry that promote the topic of sustainability with concrete solutions, technologies and applications, or whose own activities make them particularly sustainable.

eco Award 2021: Nominierte 6

Sustainability 2.0 for colocation data centers

Green Mountain

Green Mountain data centres already operate on 100% renewable power and have a industry-leading PUE, but are now going further, applying innovative waste heat projects and a circular economy approach to all of their activities by implementing "Sustainability 2.0" in their data centres.
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eco Award 2021: Nominierte 7

Pluggable optical interfaces compatible across product generations

Infinera GmbH

A new generation of optical interfaces that enables a longer service life on the Internet and which dramatically reduces the number of interfaces and active aggregation devices required.
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eco Award 2021: Nominierte 8

Lefdal Mine Datacenter - the Norwegian Solution

Lefdal Mine Datacenter

Lefdal Mine Datacenter (LMD) is located in a former mine and, with its 75 chambers and 120,000 sqm whitespace, it offers the most cost-effective, secure and green data centre solution in EMEA.
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They are the best of the best: These outstanding women are nominated for the eco://award in the category LiT - Ladies in Tech Award. With the eco://award in the LiT- Ladies in Tech category, we want to give outstanding women in the Internet industry even more visibility and honour their special commitment to diversity and female empowerment.

eco Award 2021: LiT Public Voting 9

Kim Dressendörfer


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eco Award 2021: Nominierte 16

Dr. Julia Freudenberg

Hacker School

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eco Award 2021: LiT Public Voting 5

Deepa Gautam-Nigge


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eco Award 2021: LiT Public Voting 2

Vanessa Gentile


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eco Award 2021: LiT Public Voting

Claudia Nicoleta Grimm

Claudia Grimm Academy

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eco Award 2021: LiT Public Voting 3

Hanna Kamijo


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eco Award 2021: LiT Public Voting 4

Victoria Hanna Eva Riess

Cambridge MBA Candidate

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eco Award 2021: LiT Public Voting 7

Magdalena Rogl


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eco Award 2021: LiT Public Voting 6

Melanie Schüle

Bechtle Clouds

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eco Award 2021: Nominierte 17

Dr.-Ing. Fereshta Yazdani

Lufthansa Industry Solutions

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