Alexander Rabe 1

Alexander Rabe

Managing Director
Andreas Weiss (EN)

Andreas Weiss

Managing Director

Management Team

Julia Janssen-Holldiek

Julia Janßen-Holldiek

Director CSA
Sidonie Krug

Sidonie Krug

Head of Association Communication
Henning Lesch 1

Henning Lesch

Head of the Capital Office & Head of the Policy,
Law and Regulations Division
Daniela Klinck

Daniela Klinck

Head of Finance Services Division
Head of Finance
Christiane Skiba

Christiane Skiba

Branch Manager Cologne
Head of Marketing & Events
Hauke Timmerman

Hauke Timmermann

Head of Digital Business Models
Lars Steffen 1

Lars Steffen

Head of International
Digital Infrastructures & Resilience