eco Umfrage: Deutsche Wirtschaft braucht innovations- und investitionsfreundlichere Rahmenbedingungen 1

Harald A. Summa

Chief Executive Officer
Alexander Rabe 1

Alexander Rabe

Managing Director

Management Team

Lucia Falkenberg

Lucia Falkenberg

Chief People Officer / Head of Human Resources
Leader, Competence Group New Work
Julia Janssen-Holldiek

Julia Janßen-Holldiek

Director CSA
Sidonie Krug 4

Sidonie Krug

Head of Association Communication
Henning Lesch 1

Henning Lesch

Head of the Capital Office & Head of the Policy,
Law and Regulations Division
Gregor Reinhold

Gregor Reinhold

Head of Finance Services Division
Head of Finance
Markus Schaffrin

Markus Schaffrin

Head of Member Services
Christiane Skiba

Christiane Skiba

Branch Manager Cologne
Head of Marketing & Events
Andreas Weiss (EN)

Andreas Weiss

Head of Digital Business Models