Meeting Place for Experts – Unique in Europe

The annual Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) Summit is unique in Europe as an opportunity to meet international experts for both legal and technical topics regarding the e-mail sector. What the topics will be for this year’s summit, and what’s in store for first-time visitors is revealed by Julia Janßen-Holldiek, Manager Business Development & ISP Relations, in this short interview.

What is the motto for the CSA summit this year?

This year, our motto is “Back to the Future?” On the one hand, it looks at e-mail quality standards, which have been around for a long time but are still not always properly implemented in the industry. These are, for example, a clean unsubscribe process and a technically flawless identification of the sender. We have invited experts to present such topics in an understandable way, and to highlight the importance of these topics.

On the other hand, new trends will be presented which could in the future also become CSA standards. All this is, of course, in line with our mission to increase the legal and technical quality of e-mail today and in the future.

And what is planned for the “newbies”?

It is important for us that all participants are able to follow completely the content on the main conference day and in the subsequent workshops, so that they can actively participate in the discussions. That’s why we invite interested newbies to our eco office on the day before the main event. Here, they will get an introduction to the CSA, and in the networking afterwards they will have the possibility to discuss fundamental questions directly with our experts. In this way, people who are new to the topics are also well-prepared and well-informed to get the most out of the sessions starting on 11 May.

Why is the CSA Summit a must for participants?

The CSA Summit is unique in Europe as an opportunity to meet international legal and technical experts from the e-mail sector. We also offer the chance to find out the latest news from the CSA and even our plans for the future.

We have invited a range of international speakers again this year, from the small consulting firm through to the big players like AOL, Microsoft, and 1&1. This year for the first time we are also able to welcome specialists from Yandex in Russia – this is also one-of-a-kind, both within and outside of Europe.

This is of course a magnificent opportunity for our participants to do international networking and and to do it in an great location: Based on the positive feedback from last year, we decided to use the German Sport and Olympic Museum as the venue again this year. And speaking of positive feedback: 100 percent of the participants surveyed last year would recommend the event – that speaks for itself.

The CSA Summit will take place on 11 - 12 May in Cologne.