dmexco Trends 2014: If You Don’t Get Into Mobile, You’ve Already Lost

  • Marketing industry reacting too slowly to mobile revolution: eco experts Dr. Bettina Horster and Dr. Torsten Schwarz see a Germany-wide need to catch up
  • According to flash survey from eco on Online Marketing Trends on the occasion of dmexco 2014, only one third of digital company content is optimized for mobile; Responsive Design is not used sufficiently

Smartphones and tablets are the driving force behind a new Internet revolution: Mobile devices have fundamentally changed user behavior and the perception of brands and marketing. And yet, on the occasion of dmexco 2014, eco - Association of the German Internet Industry warns: The marketing industry is reacting too slowly to the massive transformation – many concepts and technical solutions are still stuck in the era of the desktop PC. Continue reading


Half-Yearly Figures for the eco Complaints Hotline Released

41 percent of the reports processed dealt with complaints about child-pornographic content The half-yearly figures for 2014 for the eco Complaints Hotline are now available and offer a clear overview of the proportions of contents complained about. In the first six months of 2014, the eco Complaints Hotline processed 1988 reports of illegal Internet content. The greatest share of these, at 814 complaints, were again for this half-year reports on child-pornographic content. As part of the German Safer Internet Center (, eco submitted at the end of August an application for EU funding in conjunction with the working program “Connecting Europe Facility – telecommunications sector”. eco is hoping for rapid approval of the application, so that the important work of the Complaints Hotline can be successfully continued into the future. Continue reading


Successful Start to IGF 2014 in Istanbul – Discussion on IANA Initiated

Yesterday, the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) started in Istanbul with around 3,000 participants, and already today, the first positive trends can be seen. This year’s IGF is dedicated to the Internet Governance discussion and is looking to achieve visible results. In a press release this week, eco called for a clear process for IANA reform, which is now well underway. The Association of the German Internet Industry welcomes any kind of reform process within the IANA discussion and is pleased with the increased interest of the many representatives from the civil society, academia, industry and governments. Continue reading


EU Hotline Support: German Safer Internet Center Submits Application for Funding

The German Safer Internet Center ( submitted an application for further funding from the EU at the end of August in conjunction with the working program “Connecting Europe Facility – telecommunications sector,” in order to be able to continue its successful work beyond 2014. The German Safer Internet Center comprises the common portal of the complaints hotlines from eco and FSM: www/, the hotline from, the Awareness Center klicksafe (operated by LMK and LFM) and the child and youth telephone helpline "Nummer gegen Kummer". Continue reading