„Spend One Euro to Avert Damages Costing a Hundred Euros“

IT criminals rely on being able exploit vulnerabilities in software and hardware that have no protection – or that are not yet known publically. Dr. Stefan Frei, Lecturer at the ETH Zurich, is researching the question of whether and to what extent companies and public authorities should be purchasing explosive information themselves – what consequences this has for IT criminality as a business model, and whether the costs resulting from security risks can be reduced. Continue reading


dmexco 2014: Certified Senders Alliance Presents Sender Reputation Index

Rating for the seriousness and legality of Email Marketing operators

Visit the CSA team in Hall 06, Booth F034

Reputation plays an increasingly important role in the Internet, for individuals, for companies, and naturally, most definitely, for bulk mailers. The Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) has developed their Sender Reputation Index (SRI) to help with this. With a single code number, the reputation of the sender is objectively assessed, taking into account a range of factors. CSA members can expand their existing customer reputation assessments, in order to avoid the possibility of incurring damage to their own reputation. The examination of individual cases, which the CSA publishes and uses for reprimanding senders, is the only one of its kind world-wide and represents a particularly valuable source of information. Continue reading


eco Welcomes New Status of Internet Industry in Europe

eco Director of Policy and Law, Oliver Süme, on the new posts in the EU Commission

The new EU Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, has highlighted the Digital theme as a future core topic. His Vice President, Andrus Ansip from Estonia, will be responsible for realizing the digital single market. With this decision, the creation of a common digital single market should become a central intention of the new Commission. In addition to this, there is an EU Commissioner for the “Digital Economy and Society”, Guenther Oettinger (CDU) from Germany.

“eco welcomes the strong weighting of the Digital Economy by the new EU Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker. The new posts are an important signal that the Internet industry is perceived as a key sector for the entire economy. Continue reading


Resolute And Very Effective Damage-Limitation Measures

Large-scale DDoS attacks not only threaten to cause downtime, but also the loss of important communication data. Dr. Thomas King, as Manager of Research and Development at DE-CIX, one of the world’s most important Internet Exchange Points, contributes towards preventing potential damage. For this, the black hole feature is a particularly effective method.
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