Trust is Good – Security is Better

  • Internet Security Days 2014 on 24 and 25 September in Phantasialand in Bruehl
  • German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy accepts patronage of the event
  • Journalists can be accredited by contacting:

Since the revelations by Edward Snowden, at the latest, no company, public office or user can afford to ignore the urgency of the topic Security in the Internet. Up-to-date information from international Security experts, combined with efficient security solutions and abundant opportunities for exchanging information and experience: All this is offered at the Internet Security Days on the 24 – 25 September. Under the patronage of German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the ISD is taking place this year for the fourth time. And entertainment is also taken care of – with the setting in the fun-park Phantasialand, in Bruehl, near Cologne. Continue reading


Risks and Side-Effects in Email Communication

Despite the omni-presence of social media, email is still an essential medium for marketing communication. The legal situation and case-law in Germany and around the world have developed considerably in recent years. In interview, Rosa Hafezi, lawyer in the eco Professional Services Department, gives a quick overview of the most important pre-requisites and potential traps. Continue reading


DE-CIX Spreads From Continent To Continent, and How to Give Your Data Center a Competitive Edge

With their internationalization strategy over the last couple of years, the DE-CIX name has been spreading from continent to continent. As well as the Internet Exchanges in Germany, Dubai and New York, DE-CIX is involved in community projects in several locations around the world, supporting the development of a stable Internet infrastructure in developing nations. So, the question is, where next? Harald Summa and Frank Orlowski talk about where DE-CIX has come from, and where it’s going.

And with increasing power costs and rising temperatures around the world, it’s no longer just the ICT hardware that gives a data center its competitive edge. Whether you’re looking at being environmentally friendly or at reducing your overheads, DCIM can help you manage your ICT and data center facility more efficiently and effectively. Meet Monika Grass, author of the new eco DCIM White Paper – A Market Overview and Guide in Decision-Making, and hear from eco member Ronald Timmermans, from Schleifenbauer in Holland, about how important DCIM is for them.

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eco Rejects IT Security Law as Unilateral National Action

“eco endorses in principle the plans of the German Minister for the Interior to develop Germany into a leading location for IT Security. This can bring Germany a locational and competitive advantage in the European and international market for innovative security solutions and applications. However, we reject an IT Security law as a unilateral national action – as has now come into existence in the form of the draft bill. In particular with reference to the operators of critical infrastructure named in the draft, which are active either throughout Europe or worldwide, unilateral national action is not constructive. The German Federal Government would be better to work towards a Europe-wide regulation in the context of the planned NIS Directive, in order to spare the affected companies unnecessarily high costs.”

The eco Position Paper on IT Security is available here.


Viral Marketing: eco Association’s List of Do’s and Don’ts

Dr. Torsten Schwarz, Leader of the eco Competence Group Online Marketing, warns marketing departments against too much euphoria: “There is no universal recipe for success for perfect viral marketing”

When the consumer becomes the brand ambassador: Viral marketing is more popular than ever in agencies and marketing departments. And yet eco – Association of the German Internet Industry warns: Not every spot will automatically become a hit. Dr. Torsten Schwarz, Leader of the eco Competence Group Online Marketing, explains: “The “Baby and me” video from evian or the “First Kiss” video from Wren are excellent examples, just in the past year alone, of how exceptional ideas can achieve a reach and attention that traditional advertising can only dream of. But the spread is hard to control: There is no universal recipe for success for perfect viral marketing.”  eco shows what you need to watch out for in viral marketing campaigns, and how to reduce the risk or failure, with six simple tips Continue reading