Oliver Süme on the Results of the German Federal Exploratory Talks: “Bringing Digitalisation and Climate Protection Together from the Outset”

Commenting on the results of the recent exploratory talks for forming a new German federal coalition, eco Chair of the Board Oliver Süme said:

“It is a good sign that the exploratory paper of the possible coalition comprising of the SPD, the Greens/Bündnis 90 and the FDP puts the topic of digitalisation first. It would be even better if digital policy were a common thread running through the next coalition agreement. The digital check for laws is a good idea. However, it would be better to include digitalisation strategically in legislative processes from the very outset. After all, digitalisation offers many solutions to the greatest challenges we face in the coming years. This means, for example: Creating a mindset that brings digitalisation and climate protection together from the outset. A Ministry for Digitalisation therefore remains the way forward for the Internet industry to bring these complex issues together in a consistent way.”

RA Oliver J. Süme 2