Internet Security Days 2023 – Submit Papers Now

  • Internet Security Days (ISDs) will take place on 20 and 21 September 2023 at Phantasialand near Cologne, Germany
  • Call for Papers (CfP) started: Submit presentation and topic ideas by 20 April
  • ISD addresses the turning point in IT security and intensifies the cyber threat situation.

Under the motto “Backup to the Future”, the eco Association invites you to the Internet Security Days (ISD) at Phantasialand near Cologne on 20 and 21 September 2023. The event will bring together about 250 IT security experts, security managers, and user companies to discuss the future of cybersecurity and exchange views on current threats and security strategies over the course of two days. Participation in the extensive conference programme is possible via the now-launched Call for Papers (CfP). The submitted topic proposals should fit the four conference focal points: “Achieving the State of the Art”, “Future Security”, “Digital Supply Chain Security” & “Connected Security”. The organisers are accepting ideas for a lecture or topic requests until 20 April 2023. In addition, eco is issuing a Call for Proposals inviting participants to send in their topic preferences and thus support the compilation of the programme.

Focus on IT security strategies for new threat scenarios

A major focus of the ISDs is the progressive intensification of the threat situation. The war in Ukraine is also responsible for this, according to 84 per cent of IT experts in the eco IT Security Survey 2023. “The turnaround evoked by Chancellor Olaf Scholz must also affect the global IT security structure,” states eco Board Member Prof. Norbert Pohlmann. “Organised cybercrime, but also state actors, are increasingly using cyberspace for targeted attacks on companies and public infrastructures. Therefore, it has never been more important to also look at cybersecurity in geopolitical terms and to prepare ourselves for different attack scenarios.” This is what the ISDs aims to achieve and to this end, invites you to events in four topical sections:

  • Achieving the State of the Art
    How does my company achieve and maintain state-of-the-art IT security? How do companies react professionally to incidents and attacks on their own digital infrastructure? Why is the slogan “In the beginning, there was security” still mostly a pipe dream?
  • Future Security
    How is IT security evolving in the environment of increasingly connected systems? How do we have to position ourselves in order to create technology-independent security for IT structures?
  • Digital Supply Chain Security
    Supply chain security is essential for companies – not only on analogue pathways, but also on digital ones! How can the “digital pathways” be protected?
  • Connected Security
    IT security does not stop at your own screen or at the exit door of the company – it starts here! How can internal and external networks be secured and standards established for entire sectors?


The presentations should last about 25 minutes. We welcome reports on experiences and solutions to concrete problems from a technical, legal or organisational point of view; no sales or promotional talks or product presentations. The strategies, advantages and findings from concrete projects should be highlighted. The goal should be for the audience to gain knowledge and hear about concrete possibilities for implementation in their own company. Please name them in the abstract.

The application deadline is 20 April 2023. Applications can be submitted at https://international.eco.de/call-for-papers/.

Further information on the event is available at https://www.eco.de/events/internet-security-days-2023/


Internet Security Days 2023 – Submit Presentations Now