Global Minimum Tax Promises Stability and Planning Security for Digital Economy

eco – Association of the Internet Industry welcomes the plans finalised by the OECD last week to introduce a global minimum tax for the world’s largest corporations, which the G20 finance ministers are expected to confirm this week at their meeting in Washington.

eco Chair Oliver Süme said:

“We have long been pushing for an international solution on the taxation of digital companies. The global minimum tax finally creates the basis for a coherent set of rules that brings stability and legal certainty to multinational companies. Through the common rules, the international community avoids companies being taxed twice on every cross-border transaction or paying special taxes on individual products and services due to different levies. This ultimately creates more tax justice for all parties involved.”

The EU member states must now promptly implement the OECD agreement into European or national law, Süme continued, so that the companies concerned have planning security for the 2023 fiscal year.

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