eco’s Managing Director Alexander Rabe appointed to the “Digital Strategy Germany” Advisory Board of the Federal Minister of Digital Affairs & Transport

With the Digital Strategy adopted in the summer, Germany’s intention is now to make a digital breakthrough. All ministries and the Chancellery have joined forces to achieve this, and now the strategy is set to be implemented: On 30 November, Digital Minister Dr. Volker Wissing will host the kick-off of the implementation process, where he will also present the new Digital Strategy Germany Advisory Board for the first time, which is to actively accompany the monitoring process.

eco’s Managing Director Alexander Rabe, who is a member of the Digital Strategy Germany Advisory Board, has the following to say:

“The urgency of accelerating digitalisation, as well as the political shaping of this process, is imperative. The coalition agreement had already set out good ideas in terms of digital policy, but, in recent months, world political events have diverted us too often from our digital policy path. When it comes to backing up and supporting digitalisation, we still too often have an implementation problem in Germany; the German federal government needs to see itself more as an enabler. Digital technologies and applications can be of absolute benefit in helping to overcome multiple crises such as the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis or rising inflation. For this to happen, however, all departments must pull together and get out of their own closets!

I am looking forward to my new tasks on the Advisory Council and to helping to shape the German federal government’s digital policy plans: The Digital Strategy is a dynamic process that we as an association are eager to support.

Alexander Rabe