eco Welcomes the German “3G” Workplace Rule – Digital Infrastructures and Services Play Crucial Role in Combatting the Pandemic

eco – Association of the Internet Industry welcomes the so-called 3G rule for companies in the workplace, which is the Bundestag’s new resolution to amend the Protection against Infection Act (IfSG).  The 3G rule allows only those who have been fully vaccinated, tested or who have recovered from an infection to enter the workplace. The health and safety of employees always comes first, emphasizes Managing Director Alexander Rabe in his statement:

“The Covid situation in Germany is serious. As eco – Association of the Internet Industry, we know that digital technologies can support us in getting this emergency situation back under control more quickly and effectively. The past year and a half has shown: The Internet connects people and businesses and keeps the economy up and running. We emphatically welcome the 3G rule in the workplace adopted today, because the health and safety of employees always comes first. With the help of the Covid alert app, companies can monitor employees’ credentials in line with data protection requirements, without retaining any personal data. Home office and mobile working will also help enable the necessary contact reductions in the coming weeks thanks to digital services and a stable network infrastructure, and will play a crucial role in combatting the pandemic.”

Alexander Rabe 2

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