eco Survey on Safer Internet Day 2023: Together for a Good and Safe Network

  • The eco survey shows under which circumstances citizens report illegal content on the Internet to a hotline
  • 46.0 per cent believe it is important to ensure that the perpetrators are prosecuted
  • 40.9 per cent want illegal content to be quickly taken down from the Internet

07.02.2023 is Safer Internet Day, the International Day of Action for more safety on the Internet. At numerous events and campaigns around the world, everything revolves around the opportunities, but also the risks in our digitalised world of life – and around the question of how we can make the Internet of tomorrow a little better together. This also includes reporting on illegal Internet content when you come across it in the digital space.

A representative survey conducted by Civey on behalf of the eco Association has now answered the question of what is most important to German citizens when it comes to reporting critical content to a hotline. According to the survey, 46.0 per cent consider it particularly crucial to ensure that the perpetrators are prosecuted, while 40.9 per cent want illegal content to be taken down from the Internet as quickly as possible. 28.5 per cent of the German citizens would like the possibility of anonymous reporting; for 27.0 per cent, it is important that the complaint is examined by independent lawyers; and for another 24.6 per cent, a transparent process for reporting and dealing with the complaint is essential.

eco Complaints Office Manager Alexandra Koch-Skiba comments: “The fight against illegal Internet content is a task for society as a whole, for which we have been intrinsically motivated as an association for over 25 years. Cooperation with the various stakeholders is just as vital to us as neutral and comprehensible processes in complaint management. Any person can simply and anonymously report critical online content to us, and we will make sure that illegal content is taken down and that criminal offences are reported to the police. Every report counts in the fight against illegal content; together we will ensure a good and safe Internet of the future!”

eco Survey on Safer Internet Day 2023: Together for a Good and Safe Network 4

eco online workshop trains competent use of the digital world

The eco Complaints Office, Cologne Police and the State Prevention Office against Violence and Cyber Violence in Schools in North Rhine-Westphalia are jointly organising an online workshop on 7 February 2023, Safer Internet Day, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, entitled: “Growing up and living well connected – stumbling blocks and training wheels in the digital space”.

The workshop is aimed in particular at older teenagers, parents, teachers, educators, and interested Internet users. Topics of the workshop include the use and significance of digital media for children and young people. They also address the questions of when legal limits are reached and what boundaries parents, but also teenage users, should set themselves. Registration up until the start of the event is free of charge online .

eco Complaints Office successfully combats illegal Internet content for over 25 years

The eco Complaints Office has been successfully combatting illegal content on the Internet for over 25 years. Every report counts! So if you come across content on the Internet that you think is illegal, don’t hesitate – report the content to the eco Complaints Office.

All important information about the eco Complaints Office and the complaint form are available at complaints office.eco.de.

eco Survey on Safer Internet Day 2023: Together for a Good and Safe Network