eco on the Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework: “More legal certainty in international data transfer”

Six months after announcing a new transatlantic agreement for the legally secure transfer of personal data, U.S. President Joseph Biden today presented the Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework.

eco Chair of the Board Oliver SĂŒme explains:

“We very much welcome that a solution for the legally secure transfer of personal data from the EU to the U.S. was presented today in Washington, which also attempts to take account of the requirements of the European Court of Justice. For the digital economy, especially for many small and medium-sized enterprises, this could finally lay a stable foundation for legally secure data exchange at the international level. This would finally put an end to the previous dithering and create legal certainty and reliability for companies.

Now the European Commission must take the necessary steps quickly so that the agreement can enter into force. Until then, the data protection authorities should take a clear position, recognize the present solution, and absolutely refrain from fine proceedings or any transfer bans at companies until the framework enters into force.”

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