eco on the Super Election Year 2024: “Those in Germany who want to pursue digital policy with integrity cannot cooperate with the AfD”

The year 2024 marks a decisive chapter in Europe’s political landscape, characterised by the forthcoming EU elections and the elections in various EU states, which reflect the rise of right-wing populist movements. As Germany must also face these challenges at the regional level, eco – Association of the Internet Industry is now reaffirming its clear stance against cooperation with the Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Since 2017, eco has publicly distanced itself from the AfD and the positions it represents. Today, in light of the currently increasing presence of right-wing populist and far-right extremist forces in Germany and Europe, and its associated media coverage, the association reiterates its rejection.

eco Chair Oliver Süme explains: “Those in Germany who want to pursue digital policy with integrity cannot cooperate with the AfD. The stances proclaimed by representatives of this party are immensely damaging to Germany as a digital location.”

As an advocate of an open society and innovation, eco is consistently committed to defending democratic values. For almost 30 years, the association has been operating a Complaints Office which combats illegal content on the Internet, including incitement to hatred and anti-democratic propaganda.

The forthcoming EU elections – in which voters aged 16 and over will be able to cast their vote for the first time – underscore the importance of digital education and the need to combat right-wing extremist activities on the Internet. The Internet industry represents innovation and openness and is committed to raising awareness of the importance of our liberal-democratic values.

With this clear stance, eco remains determined to counter extremism and exclusion and to drive forward the digital future of Germany and Europe.

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