eco on the Russian War of Aggression Against Ukraine

In the face of Russias military invasion of Ukraine, eco Chair of the Board Oliver Süme has the following to say:

“eco – Association of the Internet Industry and its affiliated organisations are deeply dismayed by what is currently unfolding in Ukraine. We condemn in the strongest possible terms the war of aggression triggered by Russian President Putin, which is clearly contrary to international law, and the suffering it is inflicting.

The industry and politics must now work together without any delay to find ways to combat disinformation and possible cybersecurity incidents.

In order to be able to act effectively and efficiently, it is important to define what the target-oriented and concrete measures are that are to be taken, which services are affected, and who is obliged to implement them.

eco supports all sanctions imposed by the German federal government and the EU in the context of this war with Russia.

We call on all free and democratic-oriented companies in the Internet industry to oppose this war in an actively and united stance, and to stand together at Ukraine’s side in these troubled times.

As an internationally oriented organisation of the Internet industry, we have colleagues with direct ties, friends or relatives in Ukraine. Our thoughts are with them especially, and with all of the other victims that this war has already claimed and will continue to claim.”

eco on the Russian War of Aggression Against Ukraine