eco on the Revised Draft of the Digital Strategy

The German federal government plans to adopt the Digital Strategy on 31 August at its cabinet meeting in Meseberg. Commenting on the revised draft that has now become public, eco Chair of the Board Oliver Süme says:

“In principle, we welcome the fact that numerous ministries have worked on the Digital Strategy and not only expanded its scope, but also specified its goals and milestones. Nevertheless, it is still partly unclear how these goals are now to be implemented and who is responsible for them. There must be no wrangling over competences here and these issues must be clarified quickly. The cabinet meeting in Meseberg is also a good opportunity for this. Obviously, making progress with digitalisation in Germany can only be achieved if the German federal government and the Internet industry work closely together and exchange information. As an Association of the Internet industry, we support and advocate the accelerated digitalisation of Germany.”

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