eco on the Draft of Digital Strategy

eco Chair of the Board Oliver Süme comments on the draft of a new digital strategy from the German federal government:

“The draft of the digital strategy envisions numerous sensible and important approaches for setting the course for digitalisation. However, the description of the individual projects falls slightly short of our expectations.

In our view, key factors – such as the strengthening of high-performance and trustworthy digital infrastructures as the basis for the digital transformation of the industry, society and public authorities, as well as a consistent IT concept for the federal government, the federal states and local authorities – remain too vague overall and should be further specified and underpinned with measurable goals and clear timetables. In addition to the expansion of digitalisation, strengthening trust and integrity in digital technologies, in particular, is an essential aspect that is insufficiently addressed in this draft.

It is clear that the aspects and points raised in the document can only be a start and need to be further fleshed out and elaborated. We hope there will be close interaction between the German federal government and the Internet industry in this regard.”

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