eco on the CSAM Regulation: “Strict surveillance obligations instead of meaningful child protection”

Commenting on the presentation of the draft Regulation laying down rules to prevent and combat child sexual abuse in the lead Committee on Civil Liberties of the EU Commissioner, Head of the eco Complaints Office, Alexandra Koch- Skiba, says:

“Protecting children and young people from sexual violence is a major goal that eco Association has also been strongly committed to for years. Nevertheless, eco takes a critical view of the EU Commission’s draft Regulation. The requirements in the draft Regulation fail to grasp reality and, moreover, run the risk of paving the way for state surveillance and the counteraction of important security technologies. We, therefore, appeal to the European Parliament and the lead committee not to simply wave through the proposed regulation as it is, but to deal constructively with the criticism expressed so far. We are happy to offer our experience and expertise in revising this disproportionate draft act.”


eco press breakfast on the CSAM Regulation: Surveillance obligations instead of meaningful child protection

In an exclusive background discussion on 11 October, Alexandra Koch-Skiba, Head of the eco Complaints Office, explained: How practicable and feasible are the planned requirements of the CSAM Regulation for providers of digital services? What effects can be expected with the new CSAM Regulation, especially for SMEs? And how can previous effective measures for combatting child sexual abuse on the Internet continue to be organised and expanded?

Alexandra Koch Skiba