eco on the Corona Stop App: “Digital technologies can accelerate the fight against the pandemic”.

The Association of the Internet Industry is in favor of the use of a tracking app in the COVID-19 crisis, if this application is designed in accordance with data protection regulations and if users can install the app on a voluntary basis:

“Digital technologies such as a corona-stop app have the potential to accelerate the fight against the pandemic because they can help identify chains of infection. However, a privacy-preserving approach to contact tracing must be implemented that is in line with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Users must be allowed to decide for themselves whether to install the app and give their consent to data processing and sharing of location data. In which case, such an app would be a real alternative to controversial mobile phone tracking and radio cell queries, and could help to slow down the rapid spread of the virus,” says Oliver J. Süme, eco Chair.

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