eco on the AI Act: Missed Opportunity for Activating an Innovative AI Ecosystem in Europe

eco Chair of the Board Oliver Süme comments on the AI Act adopted by the EU:

“The EU aimed to be a pioneer with the AI regulation – but it doesn’t look like Europe has done itself a favour as a digital and AI location, given the agreement on the European AI Act that has now been presented. I particularly regret that Germany, France and Italy were unable to succeed against the European Parliament with their code-of-conduct approach to the regulation of foundation models and generative AI. From another perspective, the decision to forgo a complete ban on real-time biometric identification in public spaces is likely to lead to a further loss of trust in AI among the population and further undermine acceptance of new digital technologies. All in all, this is a missed opportunity for the activation of an innovative AI ecosystem in Europe. When it comes to transposition, care must now be taken to ensure that the mistakes of the GDPR are not repeated. We need a real level playing field for AI companies in Europe.”

Oliver Süme photo available for download

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