eco on CSAM Regulation: “Monitoring obligations instead of effective child protection”

The European Commission today proposed new legislation to “prevent and combat child sexual abuse”, with which it plans to have extensive search and monitoring obligations, Internet blocking and chat controls implemented. From the perspective of the Association of the Internet Industry, the planned new regulation fails to take into account the legitimate fight against illegal Internet content and does not meet the standards of a 21st century modern and technically responsible regulation.

Alexandra Koch-Skiba, Head of the eco Complaints Office, has the following to say:

“eco has been successfully engaged in the online protection of children and young people for over 25 years. This is a sensitive issue that we face every day with great responsibility and effective processes in taking down illegal Internet content. We view the plans presented by the Commission today with concern, as they undermine every form of confidential and secure communication on the Internet. In our view, the draft has the potential to create a free pass for state surveillance. This is ineffective and illegal. Instead, sustainable protection of children and young people would require more staff for investigations and comprehensive prosecution. We are happy to offer our experience and expertise in revising this disproportionate draft legislation.”

For 25 years, eco has been intrinsically motivated to ensure that Internet content that is illegal and harmful to minors is taken down and that criminal offences are reported to the authorities. In this respect, the eco Complaints Office works successfully and in close cooperation with a broad national and international network. It has numerous partners in the economy and society, as well as extensive support from the political arena. https://international.eco.de/topics/policy-law/eco-complaints-office/

eco on CSAM Regulation: “Monitoring obligations instead of effective child protection”