eco Association on International Digital Strategy: “German federal government must now bring strategy to life”

Today, The German Federal Cabinet adopted the international digital strategy. eco – Association of the Internet Industry welcomes the fact that the strategy is oriented towards a value-based approach in global digital policy, but at the same time calls for a timely design with concrete goals and measures. eco Chair Oliver Süme comments:

“With the international digital strategy, the German federal government is for the first time setting the course for a cross-departmental digital policy in a global context. This is overdue and we expressly welcome it. We also agree with the strategy’s value-based approach, which strengthens the free, open and decentralised structure of the Internet as a civil infrastructure. We also welcome the fact that the German federal government is committed to the proven approach of the multi-stakeholder principle and wants to continue supporting open forums for the development of the Internet. Furthermore, discussions on Internet governance and Internet policy have a global reach and should be discussed in international bodies and forums.

It is now important for the German federal government to quickly put the principles formulated in the strategy into practice. Especially in the areas of international connectivity and data traffic, we need long-term, sustainable and internationally binding regulations in order to fully harness the potential of digital technologies for global challenges such as dealing with the consequences of climate change.”

eco Association: Five Theses on the 2023 German Digital Policy

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