eco Association on German Data Strategy: Standardised data protection rules long overdue, greater clarification of lawful data processing desirable

Commenting on the German federal government’s data strategy presented today, eco Chair of the Board Oliver Süme says: “Standardised and legally secure handling of data is essential for all data-based business models, so the strategy now presented is long overdue and is in principle a positive step forward for the companies concerned.”

In particular, to be assessed as positive are the planned improvement of data protection supervision by a nationally competent authority and the planned promotion of regularisation and standardisation.

“This provides more transparency for citizens and business and also offers the opportunity to develop data protection compliant applications faster and more efficiently,” says Süme.

The fact that the public administration is to take on a pioneering role in Germany in the future, and that this will be further promoted by the data strategy, is also positive according to Süme, as the current developments during the Corona pandemic show that there is urgent need for action in this sector in particular.

At the same time, Süme criticises the strategy for the continuing lack of approaches to the clarification of which areas and to what extent data processing of personal data is lawful. “From the point of view of the Internet industry, this is the most important factor for a goal-oriented data policy, which – unfortunately – again receives no mention in this strategy,” says Süme.

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