eco Association on Data Retention: “Germany must also comply with the ECJ’s ruling”

The ECJ ruling on the German data retention regulations has triggered new discussions on the disputed proceedings. At today’s meeting of the Interior and Justice Ministers of the federal states, data retention will also be on the agenda. Tomorrow, the German federal government will report to the Bundestag on the implications of the ECJ ruling.

On this topic, eco Chair of the Board Oliver Süme has the following to say:

“The German federal government must finally bid farewell to any idea of data retention and repeal the current regulations. Germany must also abide by the ECJ’s ruling. After more than 10 years of limbo, Internet users and businesses deserve legal certainty about what happens to sensitive data. Instead of continuing to argue about data retention, the German federal government would do better to promptly discuss alternative solutions such as Quick-Freeze or the ‘Login-Falle’ and initiate the necessary dialogue on such solutions.”

Oliver Süme

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