eco Association Advocates for a Strong German Digital Ministry

Commenting on today’s appointment of the new German federal cabinet led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz, eco Chair of the Board Oliver SĂĽme has the following to say:

“Digitalisation is one of the most important cross-sectional responsibilities and challenges in the new legislative term. I hope that the new German federal government will now quickly clarify departmental assignments and responsibilities and develop a consistent digitalisation strategy for Germany.

“Even though the traffic light coalition has decided not to set up an independent Ministry for Digitalisation, the future ministry structure opens up options and room for manoeuvre for a strong and future-oriented digitalisation policy. From our point of view, it would therefore be very welcome if as many responsibilities and digital topics as possible were now brought together in the Ministry of Transport and Digital Affairs, and if the ministry also received the new digital budget.

“I hope that the new Minister of Transport and Digital Affairs will view the ‘digital’ in his title as a mission and raise digital policy in Germany to a new, strategic and ambitious level. We look forward to the exchange and cooperation with him and, of course, with all the other ministries that will continue to drive the issue forward over the next four years!”

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