eco Alliance Reinforces German Energy Minister’s Demand for Abolition of the EEG Levy

Berlin, 6 May 2020 – The Alliance for the Strengthening of Digital Infrastructures in Germany, founded under the umbrella of eco – Association of the Internet Industry, welcomes the decision of the energy ministers and senators of the German states to reduce electricity costs and thereby initiate a sustainable energy transition economic programme. This could also alleviate the competitive disadvantages hitherto faced by providers of digital infrastructures in Germany:

“Electricity costs are a fundamental competitive factor for data centres. Electricity costs in Germany are in some cases four times higher than in European comparison. This is mainly due to the German EEG (Renewable Energies Act) levy, other levies, and the electricity tax, which does not exist in this form and at this level in other countries,” explains Dr. Béla Waldhauser, spokesperson for the Alliance. “We are currently experiencing how important reliable, secure and sovereign digital infrastructures are for the maintenance of the economy and society in Germany. The levies, charges and taxes for data centres must therefore be reduced to a moderate level in order to mitigate this competitive disadvantage and remain internationally competitive. The federal states have correctly recognised this connection. The proposals are on the table, and should now be implemented rapidly,” said Waldhauser. The abolition of the EEG levy for data centres could be an important first step in this direction.

eco Alliance Urges that Data Centers in Germany be Relieved of the EEG Levy

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