Digital Decade: Sustainability and Digitalisation Two Sides of the Same Coin

In her keynote speech on the State of the European Union today, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen set out what the eco Association sees as important goals for the Digital Decade, and addressed some of the most urgent challenges in the context of digitalisation.

“The clear realisation that digital technologies have kept the economy and society afloat, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, and that digital technologies – not only AI, but also data-driven business models – present great opportunities for the European economy, must now form the basis for a consistent and goal-oriented European digital policy,” says eco Chair of the Board Oliver Süme. Süme also emphasises that digital technologies are an important part of the solution to achieving the climate goals defined by von der Leyen. Corresponding solution strategies must now be developed jointly and in close cooperation with the industry.

“We will only achieve digital sovereignty, sustainable digitalisation, and a leading role in the global digital market if European policy-makers do not see sustainability and digitalisation as opposing forces, but rather as two sides of the same coin, and if they accordingly promote and exploit the potential of the digital economy,” says Oliver Süme.

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