Cloud First: Industry Coalition Provides Best Practice Guidance for Europe’s Public Procurers of Cloud Services

Brussels, 3rd July 2019Launched today, the 66-page guide is designed to help public purchasers in Europe to shape more effective cloud procurement vehicles. 

Developed by CISPE (Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe) with the support of the Cloud Danish Community, Cloud Industry Forum, DHNL, eco / EuroCloud Germany, EuroCloud France and ISPConnect, the handbook shares the experience of partners, organizations, and members in the framing of public procurement in the cloud market.

Together, the coalition represents thousands of companies comprising Europe’s cloud ecosystem.

The handbook, launched in the presence of the European Commission during the Brussels event “How to Transform Governments Through a Smart Cloud Policy”, will be translated into multiple European languages and launched in various EU Member States in September and October 2019.

“The recently published DG IT cloud strategy is a great step forward in achieving a coherent EU-wide ‘Cloud First’ public procurement policy and all the benefits that can bring – beginning inside the Commission and other EU institutions,” said Alban Schmutz, Chairman of CISPE and Vice-President Strategic Development & Public Affairs at OVH.

“The UK has demonstrated its ability to take the public sector into the cloud with the success of the GCloud initiative, and is totally dedicated to doing more, helping to drive a coherent framework between European states,” added Richard Sykes, Chairman of the Cloud Industry Forum.

“We have a unique opportunity to bring the capabilities of the cloud to public entities to enable the transformation of services that is expected by citizens,” said Sven Visser, Chairman of DHPA and Director of Cyso Group. “Working together at a European scale is critical for the success of European companies.”

“In 2018, the French government announced its cloud strategy, with the help of our ecosystem,” commented Francis Weill, CEO France of Getronics and President of EuroCloud France. “This new handbook complements the tools already available to French public buyers for cloud procurement.”

“Sharing best practices between European countries is an important role for our associations; we are working hard to soon get Germany to the forefront of a Cloud First policy in the public sector,” said Andreas Weiss, Director of EuroCloud Germany, part of eco – Association of the Internet Industry.

“Having Europe moving together towards ‘Cloud First’ policies at continental scale is key for the entire ecosystem,” added Jens Erik Thorndahl, Director of the Danish Cloud Community.

“Our members expect public services to be an exemplar in how organizations spend their IT budgets,” said Simon Besteman, CEO of ISPConnect. “Cloud today needs to be considered as a central asset in the success of policies in the Netherlands and for Europe as a whole.”

This partnership, formed to develop and publish the Buying Cloud Services in Public Sector guide, are a key element of a program of joint actions aimed at shaping the best possible frameworks for procuring cloud services in Europe. CISPE and its industry partners believe such activities are essential to fuel the digital transformation of Europe’s essential industries and public services.

The Buying Cloud Services in Public Sector Handbook can be downloaded here: https://cispe.cloud/website_cispe/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Public-Policy-strategy-on-Procurement-Handbook-Final-190528.pdf

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