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eco International Talking Heads

Talking Heads is a new series of interviews with experts from the Internet world. In this series, we explore topics with selected specialists, and look at the history and the future of the eco Association, in celebration of eco’s 20th anniversary. You can listen to the podcast directly from this website, or find it on SoundCloud.

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The future of peering - the evolution of networking

For the relative peering-newcomer Ken Lefkowitz, the peering landscape “is more of a community than an industry", and he sees it as very important to be active and take part in this community.

In this interview, Ken talks about the changing peering and interconnection landscape, and regional differences in the global market. Being cheap, he says, is not enough anymore; quality is a requirement for clients to start appearing. This forces players to become more efficient. He sees a merging of peering and traditional telco operators starting to occur, and sees the function of Internet Exchanges as evolving.

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Data Center Connectivity - Global Footprints Serving Global Customers

Interview with Donald Badoux, Managing Director of Equinix Germany GmbH

Digital transformation is having a profound effect on industry worldwide, and this in turn is driving the further evolution of the data center market. As enterprises bring their data centers “out of the cellars into a professional environment”, and as the cloud replaces company IT, as more and more companies extend their footprint globally, and as delivery of data to a mobile end users increases, so too does the demand for connectivity.

For Equinix, with 145 data centers worldwide and wide variety of multinational enterprise customers from all areas of industry, connectivity is fundamental to their global strategy. Donald Badoux, Managing Director of Equinix Germany GmbH, offers his insights into the changing DC customer profiles, the drivers of connectivity, the current challenges for data center operators, and the next generation of interconnectivity.

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An evolution towards more trust on the Internet

Interview with Marc van Wesemael, CEO of EURid

April 2016 marks the 10th anniversary of the European registry EURid, the domains registry which manages the .eu top-level domain. And although managing a single TLD may sound simple, that’s not necessarily the case. The challenges of multilingual Europe – and now the challenges of the Internationalized Domain Names – keep them on their toes.

CEO of Brussels-based EURid, Marc van Wesemael, takes us through the history and formation of the registry, explains EURid’s contribution to trust and security on the Internet, and gives us his prognosis of what’s to come – for EURid, for the domains industry, and for the Internet as a whole.

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The Digital Silk Road: Making the world smaller and customers smarter

Interview with Ari-Jussi Knaapila, CEO of Cinia Group

In January 2016, the Cinia Group made news by connecting Germany to Finland via a new-generation high-capacity, low-latency submarine cable. From Finland, data traffic comes in close proximity to Russia, and beyond that to Asia. Cinia’s submarine cable and is destined to also follow the ancient trade routes of the Silk Road via the northern route, providing  a direct connection to Asia in future.

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