Why Bechtle Clouds Joined EuroCloud Native (ECN) as an Alliance Partner

An interview with Thomas Mitzka, Product Manager AWS at Bechtle Clouds.

In principle, Bechtle Clouds has two fundamental tasks. On the one hand, it functions within the Bechtle Group like a distributor or an extended workbench for the Bechtle partners, our system integrators and their customers. Secondly, as a concentrator, it provides Bechtle customers with a standardised procurement and billing channel for all their cloud services.

With our IT Architect Cloud Initiative, we are already promoting the development and exchange in a large community internally, for the further development of our group, new services and products for our customers. ‘Cloud native’ and Infrastructure as Code are the guiding principles of this young, innovative and agile community.

In the ECN initiative, we find the perfect ecosystem to form new partnerships, network, share ideas, and collaborate to create new services and bring them successfully to the market. Today, success can only be achieved by looking beyond one’s own nose. In this regard, communication, a large network and partnerships at eye level are essential. ECN is considered to be the perfect platform to forge new partnerships, learn from the cloud natives and share our market access as an alliance partner.

How can you contribute to the initiative for the ECN members?

For more than 35 years, Bechtle has been the partner for SMEs in all matters relating to corporate IT. Developing solutions to market maturity and then successfully launching them on the market is in our DNA. Our knowledge of processes, our networking in the German SMEs, combined with sales expertise, are some of the aspects we bring to the table. In addition to the German SMEs, we are also very well positioned in the area of public-sector clients and offer the full range of security administration, protection, forensics and more with our Cyber Defense Center.

Bechtle, therefore, offers a wide range of expertise, networking opportunities, and –  very importantly for other ECN members – many business development options. We are very broadly positioned and thus also offer many points of contact. In the end, it is still up to our partners to decide which of our offers will be used and how.

Why does Germany need a cloud initiative like the ECN?

Many cloud natives in Germany are developing at an incredible speed, and the success is seemingly unstoppable. Your creativity, the solutions, all this is fed by your corporate and communication culture, the curiosity and the unconditional will to think and do something different, with the corresponding demand from the customers. Success is still being fueled by the ‘early adopters’, usually large companies that have had the topic of ‘cloud native’ on their agenda for a long time. However, there comes a point when they, as consumers, are no longer enough to develop the market further. The broad mass of ‘followers’ must be addressed. In addition to our own positioning and external presentation, we also need the support of initiatives such as the ECN in order to set the course for success at an early stage. Cloud native is thus taken out of the ‘innovative play corner’ and transferred to the standard solution catalogue of customers.
To this end, it is imperative that the political and legal framework conditions be created so that uniform rules and legal certainty exist for the cloud natives and their customers. Bechtle’s motto is, “We have to make the company grandchild-ready”. That’s why Germany needs an initiative like ECN.


Why Bechtle Clouds Joined EuroCloud Native (ECN) as an Alliance Partner