Who Should Control the Internet – Have Your Say!

Reform of Internet Administration – Current Status, Explanation, and A Request for Input

Thomas Rickert, Leader of the eco Names and Numbers Forum, is actively involved in the reform process which will decide who will have supervision and control over the Internet in the future. In this open letter, he asks for your support – bring yourself into the discussion, and help to define the structures that will ensure an open Internet with equal access for all.


Dear readers,

In March 2014, the US Government signaled their willingness to relinquish control over the IANA functions if an appropriate proposal is presented by the community which, in particular, ensures the openness of the Internet and follows the Multi-Stakeholder Approach.

The US Government made it particularly clear that it would not accept the transferal of the supervision into the control of other governments. Since then, several working groups have developed proposals which deal with the IANA functions, but also with the improvement of ICANN’s accountability.

As one of the leaders of the Cross Community Working Group Accountability (CCWG), I would now like to ask you to bring yourself into the discussion. eco has organized a range of events to discuss the topic. In addition, the CCWG has undertaken webinars in a range of languages, in which the proposals from the working groups could be presented and questions from the community answered.


The webinars are available as audio:

The webinars are als available with graphical support:


An even briefer explanation of the important points can be found in the short video here:

There are currently “Public Comment Periods” on the proposals. Comments can be submitted until 12.09.2015. The Public Comment Forum and further information, such as reports, can be found here:


Every piece of feedback, be it positive or negative, will help to support the forthcoming reform of ICANN. The work is going according to plan, so that the “release” from the US Government is realistic within the next twelve months, if the community proposals are finalized, well-received and implemented to the necessary extent.

eco will be bringing itself into the comment phase with a position statement, but every in-put from you is, for the reasons given above, also extremely welcome.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the ICANN reform process.

Thomas Rickert
Attorney at Law
Leader of eco Names & Numbers Forum
Co-Chair of CCWG at ICANN

“Multi-Stakeholder is the Model of the Future for Internet Interests”