The GDPR, the Cloud Act & E-Evidence: How local laws can have a global impact.

What stage are ICANN deliberations about the GDPR at in the current ICANN62 meeting in Panama? And what is the impact of law enforcement legislation on the Internet industry?

Listen to eco’s Thomas Rickert, eco Chair Oliver Süme, and i2Coalition’s Christian Dawson at ICANN62, giving an update on the GDPR,  but divcussing in more detail the US Cloud Act, and the EU proposal for an e-Evidence Regulation – two laws pertaining to law enforcement and data disclosure, and the challenges that companies in the Internet industry face.

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ICANN deliberations on the GDPR

The U.S Cloud Act

The proposed EU E-Evidence Regulation

Data disclosure for registrars and registries

The GDPR, the Cloud Act & E - Evidence: How local laws can have a global impact.